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2022 Congress Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Thomas Zeltner

Lecture Topic: The correlation between oral diseases and chronic inflammations in the human body – Zirconia’s contribution to sustainable biological health

Congress Speakers

Lecture Topic: Moderator

Lecture Topic: Robotic assisted implantology: Stepping into the future of implant surgery

Lecture Topic: 50 Shades of White – The hidden danger of factory-related contaminants on sterile-packaged implants

Lecture Topic: Recent Advances in Zirconia Dental Implant Surface Modifications and Osseointegration

Lecture Topic: The influence of the material on the peri-implant tissues

Lecture Topic: One piece and two pieces ceramic implants in oral rehabilitation: Clinical and experimental evaluation

Lecture Topic: Titanium particle-mediated Peri-implantitis and the Harm Associated with Empirical Dental Treatments”

Lecture Topic: Ceramic Injection Molding: A New Frontier in Ceramic Implantology

Lecture Topic: Biomechanics in Zirconia Implants

Lecture Topic: New trends in zirconia development for dental applications

Lecture Topic: Your brain in dentistry

Lecture Topic: TDisrupt, Debride, Detoxify: Implant Maintenance, Home-Care, & Disease Treatment

Lecture Topic: The Ceramic Implant Marketing System

Lecture Topic: Immune Dentistry & Advanced Bone Healing Protocols

Lecture Topic: Trans Alveolar Ultrasonography versus Radiography in the Assessment of Jawbone Density Prior to Implant Placement.

Lecture Topic: The MVP-7 PerioLase: A Unique Instrument In The Field OF Periodontics And Dental Implant Surgery For Both Titanium and Ceramic Implants

Lecture Topic: Early hard and soft tissue interactions around surface-modified, 2-piece tissue-level zirconia implants – experimental insights on bio integration and clinical implications

Lecture Topic: Customized Bone Regeneration with Yxoss® CBR:  A new approach for patient-specific bone regeneration of bone defects – techniques and first long-term results-

Lecture Topic: Resonance Frequency Analysis: The Ceramic Implant Experience and Preliminary Results

Lecture Topic: Clinical results and bioengineering of a 2-pieces injection molding zirconia implant system

Workshop Title: Design and 3D Print: FACIALLY GUIDED DENTAL BRIDGE

Workshop Title: Full-Arch Rehabilitation with the novel Patent™ Dental Implant System