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Dr. Saurabh Gupta, DDS

Dr. Saurabh Gupta, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Recent Advances in Zirconia Dental Implant Surface Modifications and Osseointegration


Due to its advantageous physical, biological, and aesthetic properties as well as its resistance to corrosion, zirconia as a biomaterial to replace missing tooth roots has been the focus of great interest and has become a reliable alternative to titanium implants.

Implant material composition and surface topography influence the wound healing processes following the implantation and subsequently affect osseointegration. A moderately rough surface topography is known to positively affect the interfacial tissue reaction? Therefore, numerous surface modification methods have been proposed to enhance osseointegration and improve the success rates of zirconia implants.

Scientific data including preclinical studies and reviews concluded that the BIC values did not reveal statistically significant differences between zirconia and titanium implants. Furthermore, most studies and most reviews come to the conclusion that modified zirconia surfaces have higher BIC values than machined ones.

This lecture generally summarizes the surface modifications of zirconia implants to date classified as physical treatment, chemical treatment, and surface coating, aiming to give an overall perspective based on the current situation. In conclusion, surface modification is an effective and essential method for zirconia implant application. However, before clinical use, we need more knowledge about these modification methods.

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