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Dr. Roland Glauser, DDS

Dr. Roland Glauser, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Early hard and soft tissue interactions around surface-modified, 2-piece tissue-level zirconia implants – experimental insights on biointegration and clinical implications

Abstract :

Surface modification procedures are applied to titanium and zirconia dental implants in order to enhance tissue integration. On hard tissue level, the goal is to establish faster osseointegration as well as a higher bone-to-implant contact area. During implant insertion, a rough surface can also have an abrasive effect at the bone interface. As a result, a several mi­crons thick smear layer composed of bone debris and blood covers the implant surface immediately following installation. Besides contact osteogenesis, this bone smear layer has also an osteoinductive effect at the implant-tissue interface that further speeds up the entire osseointegration process. On the soft tissue level, material and as well as design aspects influence the formation of the initial tissue-implant interface.

This presentation shares pre-clinical results of hard and soft tissue healing processes and fascinating aspects of early tissue interaction around immediately placed, surface-modified 2-piece tissue-level zirconia implants. Clinical implications for an advanced and accelerated patient treatment using the Patent Dental Implant system are demonstrated and discussed.

About Dr. Roland Glauser, DDS :

Dr. Glauser graduated from the University of Zürich and was from 1997 to 2006 assistant professor at the Department for Fixed Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, University of Zürich. Dr. Glauser was president of the scientific board of the Swiss Society of Oral Implantology SSOI and he is an active member of the Academy of Osseointegration AO and the European Association for Osseointegration EAO. He serves as a certified expert in Oral Implantology in the European Dental Association EDA and within the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation FOR. His research activities mainly focus on tissue integration of oral implants and shortened clinical protocols. Dr. Glauser has published more than 60 articles and textbook chapters on the subject of restorative dentistry and osseointegrated implants. He is a reviewer for the Journal of Biomechanics, the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, and Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. Dr. Glauser lectures extensively all over the world and received Awards for his presentations from the Academy of Osseointegration AO, the Japan Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion, the Asian Academy of Osseointegration AAO, and the Taiwan Formosa Academy of Implant Dentistry FAID. Dr. Glauser runs a renowned private clinic in Zürich, Switzerland and holds an appointment as a clinical associate professor at the College of Dental Medicine, Augusta University, Augusta (GA), USA.