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IAOCI 2022 – Workshop

Dr Pedro Silva

Full Arch Rehabilitation with the novel Patent™ Dental Implant System

Title: Full Arch Rehabilitation with the novel Patent™ Dental Implant System

Speaker: Dr. Pedro Silva
Workshop Date: 19th May 2022 (Thursday)

Workshop Details :

In this 4-hour exclusive lecture and hands-on workshop, Dr. Silva will talk share his experience in rehabilitating fully edentulous patients with the highly successful Patent Dental Implant System.  He will provide the framework and guidelines to avoid early failures and mid to late-term complications in complex full arch treatments. Using his extensive expertise with this treatment modality using both tissue level and bone level Titanium and Ceramic implant systems, Dr. Silva will guide the participants through key areas of planning and application in order to optimize outcomes and ensure treatment success

In the workshop Dr. Silva will highlight:

Do`s and Don’ts in ceramic implantology for full arch rehabilitation

  • What are the key differences between Titanium and Zirconia implants in full-arch rehabilitations
  • Treatment planning and patient preparation
  • Bone grafting protocols combined with soft tissue management
  • Sinus procedures
  • Prosthetic options, what works well and what should be paid attention to.
  • Digital workflow application

About Dr. Pedro Silva :

Is the founder, owner and lead clinician at the prestigious S. Tiago Medical Center in Lisbon, Portugal.  For the last 20 years his medical center has been focused on the advanced treatment of oral rehabilitation throughout Portugal, and the long-term improvement of oral health.  He is an expert in the fields of Oral Surgery, Regeneration, Periodontology and Implantology.  Dr. Silva lectures extensively on the topic of full mouth rehabilitation, and adjunct treatment protocols to ensure long term biologically sound results.