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Dr. Thomas G. Wiedemann, DDS

Dr. Thomas G. Wiedemann, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Robotic assisted implantology: Stepping into the future of implant surgery 


The use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning and 3D image planning software programs are becoming mainstay to contemporary dental practice and more so in implant dentistry. Utilization of these digital technologies has allowed the dental and surgical teams to plan complex surgeries virtually and has enabled guided tools to assist with the surgical placement of endosteal dental implants. Three types of guided implant surgeries have emerged from 3D imaging and planning technology: physical static guides, stereoscopic camera-based dynamic navigation, and more recently haptic robotic guidance.

Robot-assisted dental surgery combines the advantages of both the physical constraints of static guides and the flexibility of image-based dynamic navigation. The first FDA approved commercially available robotic system for dental implant surgery provides physical (haptic) as well as visual guidance to the surgeon during dental implant surgery.

Robotic technology also provides a valuable aid to the dental prosthetic and surgical teams during dental implant rehabilitation. Based on the widespread use and reliability of robotic technology in other areas of medicine, robotic technology will play a significant role in the accuracy of metal free implant rehabilitation in the future as well as in predoctorial and postgraduate education. 


  1. Provide an overview of the history of robotics in medicine and dentistry 
  2. Understand guided implant surgery from static to robot – assisted : advantages & disadvantages 
  3. Understand the workflow from treatment planning to implant placement in robot- assisted implant surgery and the potential application in ceramic implantology 
  4. Emphasize the educational aspects for general dentists and dental students and opportunities for practice differentiation

About Dr. Thomas G. Wiedemann, DDS :

Thomas G. Wiedemann, MD, PhD, DDS is currently a full-time Clinical Associate Professor at New York University, College of Dentistry, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Professor Wiedemann´s career consists of 25 + years of surgical and educational experience in an academic setting as well as successfully operating private practices providing the full scope of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery including surgical Implant Dentistry.  

He has a special area of interest in dental emergency care, minimal invasive surgical techniques, and complications management in oral & implant surgery. In addition to his extensive expertise in implant surgery with multiple implant systems (titanium and ceramic) since 1995, he is well versed in innovative concepts of alveolar ridge augmentation, soft tissue regeneration, navigated and robotic assisted – implant placement and piezo-surgery. 

He is the author of many publications, speaker in national and international conferences on oral surgery and implantology related topics and serves on the editorial board of several renowned and peer reviewed scientific journals.