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Leah Roling

Leah Roling

Lecture Topic:
Your brain in dentistry


I am going to teach you neuroscience and neuroplasticity in a simple, yet profound framework that has literally helped hundreds of thousands get the results they want for their life. Success is determined by how well you manage sabotage.  I am going to teach you not only the framework but how we sabotage, why we sabotage and how to stop sabotaging and start creating the results in your life that you want.   I promise you it’s not what you think.  Whether it is for a better culture, better profitability, better management, better communication, better relationships, better organization.  Whether it is for less overwhelm, less burnout, less frustration, less resentment whatever you want is possible.  This will not be your typical mindset workshop.  I am not going to tell you to just think more positive and memorize mantras. 

I am going to teach you a failsafe formula to accomplish any goal you want for yourself.  Bring your goals, your ambitions, and your stuck states and I will teach you how to solve for it.  Hope to see you there. 

About Leah Roling :

Leah Roling is a loved wife, proud mama of 3 amazing boys and her all love St. Bernadoodle, Macc. She is a guacamole obsessed, LEO, enneagram 3, and avid learner. She is a thought coach and strategist, author, public speaker and unapologetically imperfect. After 25+ years in corporate she left and started her own coaching company and methodology.

The answer to this question kept her up at night: Why do people know what to do and for whatever reason don’t do it? Her quest, her research, and commitment was to solve for this reason.
The answer: people don’t do what they know, they do who they are as a state of being.

Her BE method ™️ is a combination of her personal development journey along with her multiple certifications and degrees in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistics programming, Hypnosis, Quantum Science, Metacognition and Metaphysics, and Phd programming in Quantum Medicine. This method combines a framework for thinking along with a state of being. This method has been consistently producing results for thousands of Entrepreneurs, Business owners, CEOs, and Leaders all around the country. She values FAITH, FAMILY and FUN. Her big scary goal: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone, including herself.