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Dr. Johann Lechner, DDS

Dr. Johann Lechner, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Trans Alveolar Ultrasonography versus Radiography in the Assessment of Jawbone Density Prior to Implant Placement.

Abstract :

Studies have reported chronic ischemic/inflammatory or fatty-degenerative disease in the jawbone (FDOJ) which often present no clinical or radiographic evidence of pathology. It is also well documented that implant sites that have previously undergone extractions or that have recently been augmented will often present radiographically undetectable ischemic/inflammatory lesions which interfere with bone mineralization and osseointegration.

Today the most used tool to assess bone prior to implantation is two and three dimensional radiography which has not been fully dependable in accurately assessing bone density of prospective implant sites.

Trans Alveolar Ultrasonography (TAU) is now available and uses ultrasound generated images of the jawbone by analyzing the reflection pattern and speed of the ultrasonic waves. This modality is a rapid, reliable, radiation-free and noninvasive method to analyze jawbone density. Furthermore, TAU can also be used for monitoring mineralization after bone regeneration and augmentation procedures.

The challenge with hard tissue has always been that ultrasonic waves are almost completely reflected at the bone-soft-tissue interface. The CaviTAU® device which is specifically designed for jawbone ultrasonography has overcome this problem. This presentation will demonstrate how this novel diagnostic and post-treatment evaluation modality can complement and even enhance traditional methods of bone density evaluation in dental implantology.

1. Understand the concept and rationale for jawbone ultrasound analysis
2. Understand the advantages and limitations of ultrasound vs radiography
3. How to objectively and consistently evaluate bone density prior to implant placement
4. Learn how to corelate radiographic observations with ultrasound values

About Dr. Johann Lechner, DDS :

Dr. Lechner studied dentistry at the University of Munich. Since 1980 Head of Clinic for Integrative Dentistry Munich. PhD Naturepath. Member of several scientific dental societies. International lectures, Europe, China, USA. Owner of international medical patents specifically on trans alveolar ultrasonography (TAU) Developer of ultrasonography device CaviTAU® (www.cavitau.de ). Publication of so far 11 books on Integrative Dentistry and Jawbone Detox in Chinese and Portuguese. More than 90 scientific articles, 20 of them in PubMed indexed international journals with a focus on RANTES/CCL5 triggered inflammatory phenomena and chronic oral toxicity. Worldwide, about 150.000 readers. First to apply full ceramic and metal free crowns and bridges in Germany 25 years ago. Since 2003 insertion of ceramic implants only. Founder of “International College of Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology”  www.icosim.de .