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Dr. Ahmed Mataria, DDS

Dr. Ahmed Mataria, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Biomechanics in Zirconia Implants


As we advance in our understanding of osseointegration and fibro-integration to establish a healthy esthetic long-lasting outcome, we must not forget that implant geometry and the bioeconomics of loading plays a very crucial role in crestal bone stability. We can see the advantages tissue level zirconia implants can provide on multiple levels such as: connection stability, eliminating microvements, platform switching and their effect on supracrestal fiber attachments. While studies have shown that the bone behaves in similar fashion to both metal and zirconia implant, zirconia has a huge effect on tissue healing and stability, which was clearly demonstrated lately causing a shift in implant restorative material from metal to super polished zirconia. With that being said, respecting the biomechanics is even more crucial when it comes to metal free implants, given their limitations. This lecture will focus on the advantages that one piece or tissue level implants can offer and explain the shortcomings and when to avoid using them.

About Dr. Ahmed Mataria, DDS :

Dr. Mataria received his dental degree from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2009. He established multiple practices in the Chicago area that focus on providing excellent care to his patients. His practice became focused around implant reconstruction and regenerative dentistry. He has attended numerous continuing education courses and fellowships including multiple hands-on courses in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Mataria has expanded his practices from Chicago to Los Angeles. He currently limits his practice to implant dentistry, focusing on complicated cases from referrals and managing failed implants. He is an advocate of holistic implant dentistry by using metal-free implants. He has advanced training in vertical augmentation, soft tissue grafting, full arch restorations with immediate loading, LAPIP, P.E.T and PRF. 

Dr Mataria currently serves as a clinical instructor for Trinon college. He specializes in teaching implant placement, sinus lifts, and full arch restorations, all while providing mentorship to his student doctors throughout their educational journey. Dr. Mataria believes that we experience fear when we lack proper knowledge, but through education and practice, we can accomplish anything. Dr Mataria placed thousands of implants throughout his career and currently spends his time attending continuing education courses , teaching both hands on and lecturing to practicing dentists while enjoying his private practice between Los Angeles and Chicago.