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The International Academy of Ceramic Implantology presents


Ceramic Implantology: 3 Days of Exceptional Education
Hands on Courses and Networking

MAY 19 – 21, 2022

Venue: Hotel Washington in Washington, DC

Confirmed Speakers

Lecture Topic: Moderator

Lecture Topic: Robotic assisted implantology: Stepping into the future of implant surgery

Lecture Topic: 50 Shades of White – The hidden danger of factory-related contaminants on sterile-packaged implants

Lecture Topic: Recent Advances in Zirconia Dental Implant Surface Modifications and Osseointegration

Lecture Topic: The influence of the material on the peri-implant tissues

Lecture Topic: One piece and two pieces ceramic implants in oral rehabilitation: Clinical and experimental evaluation

Lecture Topic: Titanium particle-mediated Peri-implantitis and the Harm Associated with Empirical Dental Treatments”

Lecture Topic: Ceramic Injection Molding: A New Frontier in Ceramic Implantology

Lecture Topic: Biomechanics in Zirconia Implants

Lecture Topic: New trends in zirconia development for dental applications

Lecture Topic: Your brain in dentistry

Lecture Topic: TDisrupt, Debride, Detoxify: Implant Maintenance, Home-Care, & Disease Treatment

Lecture Topic: New Trends in Platelet-rich fibrin: from the past to the future

Lecture Topic: Immune Dentistry & Advanced Bone Healing Protocols

Lecture Topic: Trans Alveolar Ultrasonography versus Radiography in the Assessment of Jawbone Density Prior to Implant Placement.

Lecture Topic: The MVP-7 PerioLase: A Unique Instrument In The Field OF Periodontics And Dental Implant Surgery For Both Titanium and Ceramic Implants

Workshop Title: Design and 3D Print: FACIALLY GUIDED DENTAL BRIDGE

Lecture Topic: Clinical results and bioengineering of a 2-pieces injection molding zirconia implant system

Lecture Topic: Resonance Frequency Analysis: The Ceramic Implant Experience and Preliminary Results

Topics Include

New Generation of Zirconia Based Ceramic Materials

The Corrosion Problem in Implant Dentistry

Bone Density Assessment: Ultrasonography vs Radiography

Nutrition, Bone Health for Successful Osseointegration

Fifteen Years Report on the Success of Ceramic Implants

The Whole Patient Management Concept

Blood Concentrates for Optimal Bone Healing and Osseointegration and Tissue & Cell Behaviour Towards Zirconia...