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Ceramic Implantology: 3 Days of Exceptional Education
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MAY 19 – 21, 2022

Venue: Hotel Washington in Washington, DC

The 11th Annual meeting of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology will take place in Washington DC on May 19 to 21, 2022. In keeping with our mission this event will focus on education and elaborating the benefits of bioceramics in implant dentistry.

During the last five years have we have observed a rapid increase in the demand for ceramic implants in Europe and North America. This trend, although mostly driven by patients, has been met with a positive and proactive response from the implant industry.

In the United States there are now nine FDA-approved and commercially available ceramic implant systems, six of which have been approved in the last four years. The topics this year will address among others, the impact of dental implant materials on implant success, the fast-growing peri-implantitis problem. There will be lectures and workshops on implant practice management, bone regeneration, aesthetics, implant materials, the biological interaction of zirconia ceramics with hard and soft tissues, the latest innovations with ceramic implants and how to successfully introduce and implement metal free implant dentistry in your practice. 

The scientific track of the program will consist of lectures and poster presentations on advances and long-term results observed with regards to the performance   of ceramic implants over the last 20 years

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Hotel Washington

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Sammy Noumbissi
Dr. Sammy Noumbissi, DDS

Lecture Topic: TBD

Dr. Thomas Wiedemann
Dr. Thomas G. Wiedemann, DDS

Robotic assisted implantology: Stepping into the future of implant surgery.

Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, DDS
Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, DDS

50 Shades of White:
The hidden danger of factory-related contaminants on sterile-packaged implants.

Dr. Saurabh Gupta, DDS
Dr. Saurabh Gupta, DDS

Recent Advances in Zirconia Dental Implant Surface Modifications and Osseointegration.

Dr. Norbert Cionca, DDS
Dr. Norbert Cionca, DDS

The influence of the material on the peri-implant tissues

Dr. Andrea Borgonovo, DDS
Dr. Andrea Borgonovo, DDS

One piece and two pieces ceramic implants in oral rehabilitation: Clinical and experimental evaluation

Dr. Georgios Kotsakis, DDS

Titanium particle-mediated Peri-implantitis and the Harm Associated with Empirical Dental Treatments

Dr. Joan Pi Anfruns, DDS
Dr. Joan Pi Anfruns, DDS

Ceramic Injection Molding: A New Frontier in Ceramic Implantology

Dr. Ahmed Mataria, DDS
Dr. Ahmed Mataria, DDS

Biomechanics in Zirconia Implants

Dr Jerome Chevalier, DDS
Dr. Jerome Chevalier, DDS

New trends in zirconia development for dental applications

Dr Leah Roling
Dr. Leah Roling

Your brain in dentistry

Susan Wingrove BS/RDH
Susan Wingrove BS, RDH

Disrupt, Debride, Detoxify: Implant Maintenance, Home-Care, and Disease Treatment

Dr. Carlos Mourao, DDS
Dr. Carlos Mourao, DDS

New Trends in Platelet-rich fibrin: from the past to the future

Dr. Miguel Stanley, DDS
Dr. Miguel Stanley, DDS

Lecture Topic: TBD

Dr. Marcus Seiler, DDS
Dr. Marcus Seiler, DDS

Lecture Topic: TBD