Welcome to the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology

2021 Congress Speakers

Susan Wingrove, RDH, BS

Lecture Topic: Long-Term Prevention of Peri-Implant Complications: Ceramic and Titanium Implants

Dr. Luis Bessa

Lecture Topic: Full Digital Workflow with ZR Implants: Where We Are and Where Do We Go

Dr. Sofia Karapataki

Lecture Topic: Peri-Implantitis and Zirconia Implants: Results After 5 Years of Clinical Performance

Dr. Miguel Stanley

Lecture Topic: Slow Dentistry - The Concept and How To Implement in Your Clinic

Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Lecture Topic: Ceramic Dental Implants in The Esthetic Zone 

Dr. Shahram Ghanaati

Lecture Topic: Do We Need A Biologic Contribution to Bone Substitute Materials and Collagen Membranes in Dentistry?

Dr. John B. Roberson

Lecture Topic: Pharma DMD+MEP - Pharmacology with Medical Emergency Preparedness

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

THE FOOD DESIGN CONCEPT – How to “Think in Nutrients” for Optimal Health and Recovery

Dr. Scott Schroeder

Metal Allergies/Reactions- Systemic Effects of Implanted Metal in the Body

Priv.-Doz. Kristian Kniha

Effect of Experimental Plaque Accumulation on the Soft Tissue around Titanium and Zirconia Implants in Comparison to Natural Teeth

Dr. Rebekka Hueber

Lecture Topic: Ceramic Implant Guided Augmentation Protocol

Dr. Holger Scholz

Lecture Topic: 16 Years of All-Ceramic Zirconia-Based Implants

Dr. Daniel Gustavo Olmedo

Lecture Topic: Biotribocorrosion of Titanium Dental Implants: Local and Systemic Tissue Effects

Dr. Jerome Chevalier

Lecture Topic: Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia: A New Alternative in Dental Implantology

Dr. France Lambert

Lecture Topic: Mucointegration: Strategies for Peri-Implant Soft Tissues Integration 

Dr. Jaafar Mouhyi

Lecture Topic: The Peri-implantitis : What About Surface Contamination, Bad Manufacturing and Corrosion Risks

Dr. Judson B. Wall

Lecture Topic: Laser Augmentation of Zirconia Implant Placement

Dr. Yuriy May

Full Digital Workflow for Zirconia Implants: In-Office Digital Planning, 3D Printing, Guides, Temporization, Final Prosthetic

Prof. Heinz Kniha

Rehabilitation with Monotype and Two Piece Straumman Full Ceramic Dental Implants in the Aesthetic Zone Using Intraoperative Scanning and Following Cad/Cam Procedures. A Retrospective Overview of 9 Years of Clinical Observation and Data