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Susan Wingrove, BS, RDH​

Susan Wingrove, BS, RDH

Lecture Topic:
Long-Term Prevention of Peri-Implant Complications: Ceramic and Titanium Implants

Course Description:

To prevent peri-implant complications, professional in office assessment, maintenance, and home-care recommendations are vital. For long-term success clinicians need research-based protocols to detect early signs of implant complications, diagnose these complications to pro- vide early intervention and be able to perform professional in-office maintenance. This course will follow the global healthy implant initiative for ceramic and titanium implants based on Susan’s Clinical White Paper: Long-term prevention of periimplant complications and textbook: Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental  Hygienist: Clinical Guide to Maintenance and Disease Complications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the current research for biofilm-focused protocols, tools, and treatments for long-term prevention of peri-implant disease.
  • Detect; put into practice biofilm identification and a five-step protocol to assess and monitor dental implants.
  • Diagnose; early intervention guidelines based on peri-implant soft and hard deficiencies.
  • Treatment; biofilm-focused maintenance for all forms of implant-borne restorations based on Scanning Electron Microscope testing on
    hand and ultrasonic instruments to use to debride titanium and ceramic Implants
  • Provide safe home-care recommendations for all forms of dental implants, their restorations/prostheses.

About Dr. Wingrove:

Susan Wingrove is an International speaker, author, researcher, instrument designer, and 2016 Sunstar RDH Award of Distinction recipient. Susan is mem- ber of the American Dental Hygienist’s Association, International Federation of Dental Hygienists, Oral-B Global Implant Board (P & G), and Western
Society of Periodontology. Published author for multiple journal articles, Scientific Panel for ACP Clinical Practice Guidelines, as well as Implant Mainte- nance Textbook: Peri-Implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist: Clinical Guide to Maintenance and Disease Complications. Resides in Missoula MT. Contact:
sswinrdh@gmail.com / wingrovedynamics.com