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Dr. Sofia Karapataki, DDS

Dr. Sofia Karapataki, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Peri-Implantitis and Zirconia Implants: Results After 5 Years of Clinical Performance

Course Description:

Peri-implantitis is one of the most common complications with titanium and titanium alloy implants. The etiological factors of peri-implantitis are multiple and are now believed to be also related to the implant materials. This is one of the main reasons why many dentists have had to consider or turn to alternative materials for implantation such as zirconia. However, is zirconia completely immune to this complication? Different reasons that are referred to as causative factors for the occurrence of peri-implantitis in titanium implants are presented in comparison to zirconia implants.

Findings and observations from clinical cases observed in two implant centers are presented and all the cases included in this presentation have been under at least 5 years of clinical performance in the oral environment and in a variety of clinical situations. All implants evaluated are a two-piece zirconia implant by Patent Ceramic Implants system which were restored with customizable and cementable glass fiber abutments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Are zirconia implants free of Periimplantitis?
  • Causative factors of Peri-implantitis in titanium implants in comparison to zirconia implants
  • Clinical performance of zirconia implants after at least 5 years of function

About Dr. Karapataki:

Dr. Sofia Karapataki, DDS graduated from the Athens School of Dentistry in 1989. Specialization in Periodontology. Implantology at the Insitute for Postgraduate Dental Education Jonkoping, Sweden (4/23/1990 8/31/1993). In addition to the main specializations, she specialized in small Gnathosurgery, Radiology, Physiology of the Crotaphognathic Structure, Implant Prosthetics, Peri prosthetics and General Pathology. Master of Science, at Gothenburg Sweden in 2001, entitled “Healing following guide tissue regeneration after surgical removal of impacted teeth”. Specialization in prosthetic restoration of facial implants in 2001 at Gothenburg, Sweden. Training at PRGF (plasma Rich Growth Factors) in 2011 at Vitoria Spain. Education in Aesthetics in 2012 in Munich, Germany. Training in zirconia implants in 2013 in Munich, Germany. Founding member of Leading Ladies in Dental in 2017. Ambassador for Greece of the non-profit organization for clean implants CleanImplant Foundation. Speaker on the following: Periemplantitis, Dental metal free, Intolerance – immune system involvement, Personalized patient approach, Zirconia implants, Metal-free materials.