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Dr. Rebekka Hueber, med. dent.

Dr. Rebekka Hueber, med. dent.

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Lecture Topic:
Ceramic Implant Guided Augmentation Protocol

Course Description:

Always a solution at hand – definite instructions for bone augmentation in conjunction with ceramic implants for every indication – this is what the Guided Augmentation Protocol offers down to the last detail. This lecture will provide you with insights into the BISS -Bone Implant Stabilization System, indications for umbrella screws, special procedures for external sinus lifts, the use of disc abutments, and different solutions incorporating platelet-rich fibrine, membranes and bone graft substitutes in biological oral surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Indication based biological augmentation techniques in conjunction with ceramic implants, umbrella screws and disc abutments.
  • Different augmentation techniques performing an external sinus lift.
  • The perfect combination of platelet-rich-fibrine, collagen membranes and bone graft substitutes according to the Guided Augmentation Protocol.

About Dr. Hueber:

Dr. Rebekka Hueber is an accredited specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implantologyat the Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland. She graduated from thedental program at theprestigiousLudwig Maximilians-University, in Munich, Germanyearning her specialization in dental oral surgery. Dr. Hueber is a well respected International lecturer, key opinion leader, and educator in the application of ceramic implants and biological dentistry and is an author of several articles and publications in recognized journals.