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Dr. Holger Scholz, med. dent.

Dr. Holger Scholz, med. dent.

Lecture Topic:
16 Years of All-Ceramic Zirconia-Based Implants

A retrospective evaluation of the data from more than 5,000 ceramic implants inserted from 2006 to 2020 a look into the future with a new implant design

Course Description:

In Germany from 1975 the so called “Tübinger Implantat” made of high-purity sintered aluminum oxide was used. However, this ceramic did not have sufficient breaking and bending strength and long term stability, so that the implants were withdrawn from the market. The newer generation of ceramic implants available from various companies from 2004 initially consisted of TZP (tetragonal zirconia polycrystal) or its variants and is still used today. Since 2007, another generation of ceramic implants with improved material properties made of ATZ (aluminum toughened zirconia) has also been available.

In the Dental Clinic Constance, we only inserted ceramic implants from 2007 and now have the experience of more than 15 years and more than 5,000 ceramic implants. Based on this experience, the lecture gives a well-founded assessment of the possible indications for ceramic implants and the expected success rates. The lecture clarifies the currently established indications and gives an insight into the possibilities of metal-free implantology within the framework of biological dentistry. The experiences range from single tooth implants to complex implantological solutions and show the paradigm shift in implantology through the possibilities of biological dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

  • The focus of implantology has evolved from a mechanistic to a biological thinking due to the possibilities that ceramics offer
  • Biological and digital dentistry are the appropriate answer to increasingly complex challenges in the field of tension between
    health and economic efficiency
  • The design of ceramic implants has changed based on 15 years of experience

About Dr. Scholz:

Holger Scholtz is one of the most experienced dentists worldwide in the fields of metal-free implantology and biological dentistry. Head and owner of the Dental Clinic Constance, Germany, dental consultant at Swiss Mountain Clinic in Castaneda, Switzerland. Co-developer of ceramic implants, author and speaker for metal-free implantology and biological dentistry.