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Dr. Luis Bessa, DDS.

Dr. Luis Bessa, DDS

Lecture Topic:
Full Digital Workflow with ZR Implants: Where We Are and Where Do We Go

Course Description:

Full digital workflow is one of the cutting edge topics in implant dentistry. With the increased utilization of the zirconia implants it is demanding that new protocols appear. From documentation tools to design software and cam hardware, we have a wide range of options that should be criteria chosen. Although biology still is the foundation our treatments it should walk side by side with the technology in order to get faster, less invasive and more predictable treatment outcomes. During this lecture we will review the advantages of work with digital patient, and how we manage complex full mouth reconstructions integrating digital and aesthetics using ZR implants and bio-compatible restoration materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding different software and how to get in the digital environment.
  • Guided surgery and prosthodontics with ceramic mono bloc implants
  • Advantages of full digital workflow in complex cases

About Dr. Bessa:

Dr Luis Bessa has been working in his own practice in Porto, NORTH CLINIC, Portugal. As an Oral and MAX FAC surgeon and have a strong focus on minimal invasive ridge reconstruction with autologous tissues as well as high end aesthetic dentistry. He is strongly focused on a biological approach and in the use of Zirconium implants .