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TAV Dental focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of zirconia dental implants and prosthetic parts, and is seeking to improve dental implant treatments by making zirconia dental implants common world-wide.

TAV Zirconia implants are the result of years of profound R&D process with exceptional focus on the safety and performance of the implants.

The implants are manufactured using the advanced Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) technology. This technology offers far greater advantages in terms of part design, mechanical properties and manufacturing capabilities.

TAV Dental offers both, one piece and two-piece zirconia implants. The two- piece implants abutment connection is with screw.

These implants take the dental industry a major step into the future. The metal free option, together with reliable osseointegration, superior mechanical properties, biocompatibility and high esthetic results, has now become reality.

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