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IAOCI 2020 Video Lectures

IAOCI 2020 Lectures

Lecture Topic: How to use macro- and micronutrients intelligently to boost the osseointegration of ceramic implants and help with tissue growth

Lecture Topic: Analog and digital workflow in biological & aesthetic dentistry with ceramic implants.

Lecture Topic: Immediate Placement of Zirconia Ceramic Implants to replace infected Teeth with a History of Root Canal Therapy: Suggested Protocols for Success.
Lecture Topic: Digital workflow for ceramic implants with high accuracy, predictability and without metal contamination
Lecture Topic: The interplay between electromagnetic fields pollution and dental implants. Fact or Fiction ?

Lecture Topic: Optimizing Ceramic Implants with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Vitamins: Where are we now?

Lecture Topic: Digital Workflow for Surgical Treatment Planning for Zirconia Implants and Associated Regenerative Procedures
Lecture Topic: Ceramic Implant Placement A to Z

Lecture Topic: Implant Maintenance and Home-Care: Titanium and Ceramic Implants

Lecture Topic: Etiology and Clinical Management of Surgical Complications Related to Implant Procedures

Lecture Topic: Temporary prostheses for one-piece zirconia implants