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Video Abstracts – IAOCI 2019


Dr. Takahiro Ogawa Invites you to his Lecture Zirconia Implant Surfaces & Osseointegration

Zirconia is expected to be an alternative to titanium as a dental implant material. Dr. Ogawa research group Team Surface has been working on and has successfully designed a zirconia surface based on the novel concept of meso, micro, and nano-scale hierarchical roughness structuring. They have developed a new zirconia surface that outperforms current titanium surfaces.

Dr Duddeck Invites you to his Lecture at IAOCI 2019 in Tampa, FL

Dr. Duddeck will be a main podium speaker at the 8th Annual World Congress of the IAOCI (www.iaoci.com) in Tampa, Florida. He is the founder and managing director of mmri.berlin, which is an independent Medical Materials Research Institute based in Berlin (www.mmri.berlin), specialized in implant material analyses. He is also the managing director of the non-profit organization CleanImplant Foundation.