Welcome to the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology

2018 Congress Speakers


Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Corrado Piconi

Zirconia in Dental Implants: Properties and Technology

Dr. Dianne Daubert

Titanium corrosion is a modifier of peri-implant health

Dr. Johan Hans Lechner

Titanium implants and silent inflammation in jawbone

Dr. Keren Shemtov-Yona

Mechanical Reliability and Failure of Dental Implants: Metal or Ceramic

Dr. Mutlu Özcan

Complications of Reconstructions: Possible Reasons and Solutions

Dr. Dominick Nischwitz

Socket Preservation 3.0 – Immediate Ceramic Implants 8 Simple Steps for Success

Dr. Sammy Noumbissi

Advanced Cases with Ceramic Implants

Dr. Andre Saadoun

Current Modalities in Peri Implant

Dr. Antonio Scarano

Dr. Marcel Wainwright

Zirconia implants in combination with Ultrasonic Surgery and L-PRF

Dr. Dan Hagi

Ceramic Implantology: Considerations in Modern Practice

Dr. Joan Pi-Anfruns

Zirconia as an alternative for tooth replacement: The UCLA experience

Dr. Sook Hong

The Applications of Ozone During Implant Procedures

Dr. Paul Petungaro

Implant Placement and Restoration in Edentulous and Immediate Extraction Sites to start the Foundation for Implant Soft Tissue Ewsthetics

Dr. Amos Yahav

Bone graft cements as a turning point in the maxillofacial and dental augmentation field.

Dr. Noran De Basso

Zirconia implants: Possibilities and Limitations

Dr. Rafael Andreiuolo

Ceramic Restorations Simplified: veneers and crowns.