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The Patent ™ Dental Implant System – Expert Workshop to Achieve Long-Term Success

Title: The Patent ™ Dental Implant System – Expert Workshop to Achieve Long-Term Success.

Speaker:  Prof. Marcel Wainwright
Workshop Dates: Thursday, April 13, 2023 (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
Sponsored by: The Patent ™ Dental Implant System

Brief description of the workshop :

In this 4-hour exclusive lecture, Prof. Wainwright will share his experience and know-how on the optimum treatment protocols to ensure long-term tooth replacement success. Using his extensive clinical experience with ceramic implantology, Prof. Wainwright will guide the participants through the entire process of planning, treatment application, and post-restoration aftercare. This is a comprehensive and complete course. It is designed and intended to raise the overall competency level for achieving consistently successful long-term results with ceramic implants.

The session will include:

  • Crown to Root Planning – Key factors to address for a mechanically stable final result
  • Atraumatic surgery to ensure consistent integration and long-term tissue stability
  • Advanced Grafting and tissue management techniques
  • Optimized prosthetic restorations and approaches
  • Do`s and Don’ts in ceramic implantology
    • What are the most important differences between various implant technologies (Material and Design)
    • What should be the pre-conditioning of the patient? How should the post-surgery, and post-crown delivery be managed?

About Prof. Marcel Wainwright:

In 1994 Prof. Marcel Wainwright graduated from RWTH Aachen in Germany. For over 19 years, he
has been working in leading practices throughout Germany, before he founded the Mirala Clinic in
Stockholm, Sweden, in 2016. Prof. Wainwright is an internationally renowned expert and speaker in
the fields of implantology, ultrasonic surgery and esthetic dentistry. In 2013, he was selected by the
German Minister of Health to represent Germany at the German Dental Week in Shenzhen, China.
Prof. Wainwright now maintains private practices in Germany and Luxembourg.