Welcome to the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology

Dr. Kelly Blodgett

Lecture Topic:
Technology and biology: how CAD/CAM, 3D CBCT and ceramic implants can elevate your practice and clinical outcomes.

About Dr. Kelly Blodgett :

Dr. Kelly J. Blodgett is redefining the modern dental experience. Over the past 20 years, he has created a practice recognized as an international hotspot for Integrative Biological Dentistry and Dental Tourism. He attracts people who seek a holistic and biological approach to their oral and whole-body health. Through his weekly Toxic Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday social media posts, Dr. Blodgett shares truths not commonly discussed in traditional dental settings. His post series illustrates his patients’ incredible journeys back to health along with providing best practices for predictable oral and systemic health.