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IAOCI 2022 – Workshop

Hands-on for Customized Bone Regeneration of complex bone defects using the YxOss CBR Mesh

Title: Hands-on for Customized Bone Regeneration of complex bone defects using the YxOss CBR Mesh
Customized Bone Regeneration (CBR®) of complex defect using a customized 3D printed titanium Mesh: A hands-on

Speaker: Dr. Marcus Seiler, DDS, MSc
Workshop Date: 19th May 2022 (Thursday)


In the augmentation of bone defects, the final ridge contour is an important success factor to achieve the highest esthetic demands. Particularly in complex augmentations – especially with a vertical component – the positional stability of the graft material is of highest priority for bone regeneration. Furthermore, in addition to an augmentation with high regenerative potential, a tissue-friendly barrier function (membrane) is equally important. The high-quality lattice structures made of pure titanium for shaping the bone graft, which are manufactured by ReOss® using digital workflows for this purpose, can be placed above and around the bone defect with a very precise fit. This therefore eliminates the need to shape the mesh basket during surgery, reduces the need for multiple fixation screws thereby reducing surgical time, the occurrence of complications and morbidity from harvesting bone from other sites. This new and innovative augmentation procedure with Yxoss CBR® is also a good alternative to both 3D-milled allogeneic bone blocks and autologous bone blocks. During the course the necessary incision techniques in a porcine jaw model as well as the fixation techniques on a plastic model will be practiced. The first long-term data will also be presented in a lecture during the workshop.

About Dr. Marcus Seiler, DDS, MSc:

  • 1985-1991 Visiting Medical and Dental School
  • 1992-1996 Postgraduate Education University Hospital in Tübingen
  • Department of Oral Surgery and Periodontology (Prof. Dr. Schulte)
  • Departement of Maxillafacial Surgery (Prof. Dr. Dr. Schwenzer)
  • 1992-1996 Member of the German Special Research Project “Oral Implantology (DFG)”
  • 1996-1997 New York University, Dental School Department of Implantology
  • 1997-1998 Assistant in a Maxillofacial surgery practice in Dessau (Practitioner with cottage-hospital affiliation)
  • July 1998 Granting the area of expertise in Oral Implantology from the BDIZ
  • 1998 established own practice and clinic in Filderstadt-Bernhausen
  • Dental consultant for the Filder-Clinic in Bonlanden and the Paracelsus clinic in Ruit
  • 2007 Master of Science in Oral Implantology
  • 2005-2011 President of German Society of Oral Surgeons (section BW)
  • 2009 Founding ReOss LLC
  • 2009 Founding second clinic in Kirchheim
  • 2016-2017 Master of Science in Periodontology
  • 2009-today: Application for multiple international patents
  • Postgraduate studies: “Periodontology” 2016-2017 since 05/2017: Master of Science in Periodontology
  • Laureate Camlog Foundation 2016 with Dr. Amely Hartmann
  • National and international lecturer activity
  • Mutliple publications in the field of dental implantology and oral surgery 1998-2021