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Zircon Medical Management AG


The team at Zircon Medical has mastered the art of producing metal-free and permanently healthy oral rehabilitations. As a provider of advanced solutions for dental implantology, we share your amzbition to achieve long-term and predictable treatment results in tooth replacement using only the highest quality technologies and materials. With the Patent™ Dental Implant System, we give you the perfect solution for this.

In 2003 two implantologists, Dr. Johan Feith and Dr. Wolfgang Winges developed and patented a visionary manufacturing process that enabled them to produce a new type of ceramic implant that promised to set new standards in terms of material strength, surface roughness and design. Today, Zircon Medical based in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland, is continuing the success story of ZV3 producing metal-free dental implants under the name Patent™ Dental Implant System.  With its extensive 17 years of experience, Patent™ has outshined other implants (both ceramic and titanium) with their healing success and long-term, scientifically proven performance.

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Since 2017, we’ve been helping dentists embrace the power of digital dentistry. We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative technological solutions to make it easier, faster, and better for every dental professional to deliver facially-guided, accurate and predictable treatment results. Smilefy’s AI technology is designed to make digital workflows more intuitive for the practitioner. It combines extensive research into a simple to use tool that creates an unparalleled experience in esthetic treatment planning for the dentist and for the patient.

In 2021, SmileFy was recognized as the “Best Aesthetic Dental Treatment Planning Solution”.

Millennium Lasers

Headquartered in Cerritos, California, Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. (MDT) was founded by Robert H. Gregg II, DDS in 1994. Dr. Gregg was fascinated by the possibilities of lasers in dentistry to provide a better experience for their patients; the possibility of a minimally-invasive perio treatment patients would accept.

Website: www.lanap.com

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Zirconia is a well-known highly biocompatible material. Given more than 30 years of manufacture and research experience, COHO has produced orthopedic, dental implants and surgical instruments for many years. Furthermore, COHO has cooperated with several world-famous dental experts and research units from National Taiwan University for launching various zirconia products, expanding application of zirconia, and last but not the least, the advancing surface treatment research to reduce the evitable risks during surgery and implantation by using metal materials in order to reach our terminal goal of enhancing the safety and convenience during surgical procedure.

Zibone has a series of zirconia products in the market , such as: zirconia implant drill, pilot drill, tissue punch, tissue trimmer, scalpel, elevator etc. of all zirconia medical device system. Now, coho and doctors are working closely and hopefully not far from the future to introduce Zircasso, IZI and tissue level implant system in the market.

Website: www.zibone.com


Cloud Dentistry

The modern alternative to staffing agencies, Cloud Dentistry is the largest dental talent marketplace directly connecting dental offices to hundreds of RDHs, DAs, front office staff, specialists and dentists looking for work in their area. Your real-time search on the Cloud Dentistry platform gives you 24/7 access to unlimited hiring for temp or permanent positions, with no placement fee – ever. Hire who you want, when you want, with the utmost reliability at CloudDentistry.com.

DC Dental

DC Dental was established in 2002 as an independent dental supplier for dentists seeking a lower priced, higher care alternative to the big box dealers. 20 years later, the DC family remains committed to helping doctors operate efficiently by delivering personalized solutions and optimal pricing on dental supplies, in addition to providing equipment, technology, office design and free continuing education.


DEMED is a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing of dental mobile cabinets. We produce high quality cabinets and instrument tables in our own production facility in the Black Forest of Europe. In close cooperation with dental experts from a wide range of fields we were able to further optimize our products to offer the perfect storage space for dental devices, material and instruments.

It is not only about the quality of equipment and instruments but also about storing them properly.

All mobile cabinets are 100% made in Germany, equipped with concealed castor wheels and thanks to their clean design and free choice of colors, fit harmoniously into any working environment.


Neodent ® is a global brand available in more than 60 countries, with more than 1.6 million implants sold annually, focused on progressive treatment concepts. Neodent® is the second largest dental implant company worldwide with a proven record of clinical success and professional and patient satisfaction.


ZERAMEX® stands for a proven and high-quality all-ceramic implant system, which addresses a natural patient need for appealing aesthetics and long-term soft tissue health. Founded in 2005, Dentalpoint AG with its strong brand ZERAMEX® is an innovative Swiss manufacturer and global technology leader in the field of metal-free, two-piece ceramic implants. Dentalpoint’s flagship product is the two-piece ceramic implant Zeramex XT, which offers the highest surgical and prosthetic flexibility thanks to reversible screw connection and an unrestricted portfolio.

Geistlich Pharma North America

Geistlich Pharma North America brings the leader in regenerative dentistry directly to the United States and Canada. For 160 years, our respected family-owned Swiss parent company has pioneered technological advances that make regenerative treatment, with safe and naturally sourced biomaterials, the preferred choice for clinical predictability.


StellaLife® makes oral health and pain management solutions that improve dental patients’ experience. We believe that better oral health comes from better ingredients and better formulations. Our natural approach is an extremely effective alternative to traditional products. VEGA® Oral Care solutions reduce pain, promote healing and reduce the need for opioids. In addition, our solutions deliver exceptional long-term oral health care. All done in a more natural way.

Swiss Dental Solutions

Founded by the ceramics pioneer and implantologist Dr. Ulrich Volz, Swiss Dental Solutions offers a comprehensive treatment concept for biomedical implant solutions with ceramic implants.

Yomi by Neocis

Yomi is the first and only robotic-assisted surgical system cleared by the FDA for dental implant surgery in both partially edentulous and fully edentulous patients. It brings a new level of precision to implant surgery by providing software to preoperatively plan dental implantation procedures followed by haptic robotic guidance of surgical instruments during surgery to carry out the surgical plan. It’s top-of-the-line technology that can take your talent and practice to the next level. Bring us your bold vision, and we’ll bring you the confidence to execute it. You + Yomi.

Website: www.neocis.com

Z7 Implants

Z7 was created to revolutionize the dental implant marketplace. Together with a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, engineers, scientists and doctors, committed to improving the oral and comprehensive health of patients in need of dental implants free of metal.  Our cutting edge CIM technology sets us apart from any other organization in our space. 

We are aligned with the purpose of having a triple impact on our nation: economic, social and environmental.  We are constantly innovating our processes, technologies and biomaterials to generate solutions and products – dental implant systems – of high added value, accessible to people, with high quality and competitiveness for health professionals and generate a positive impact in caring for the world we live in.

Ask your provider for Z7 implants!!!

Pink Dental Lab/Sagemax®

Pink Dental Laboratory is a digital dental laboratory located in Loudoun County, Virginia.

It was established in the spring of 2020, by Erik Niederhauser and his partner, Lorena Taylor.

The name “Pink Dental” is inspired by Niederhauser’s technique of building pink porcelain to simulate the gingiva on all-on-four Sagemax Zirconia substructures to achieve a lifelike result. 

Pink Dental combines a traditional hands-on approach with the modern use of CAD/CAM technology to produce high quality & excellent fitting restorations consistently. 

Pink Dental’s motto, “BE DENTALLY DIFFERENT”

Biotech Dental

Biotech Dental was established in France 35 years ago and provides industry-changing products to dentists. And now we’ve brought our passion for increasing the capabilities and success of dentists to the United States.

Biotech Dental offers integrated products that are more affordable, provide faster procedures, and ensure more successful patient outcomes. Our implant, orthodontic, digital, regenerative, and aesthetic solutions are designed to bring real and lasting improvement to the quality of life of your patients. In the US market we are supported by local field sales and customer service teams, thousands of nationwide dealer representatives, and continuing education for our clinician partners. We look forward to working together with you to create a world of smiles.

OS1 Partners

We assist practices by giving them the tools, resources, and a secure network to set up, maintain, and grow their practices.

Our best-in-class partnerships scan across specialties and allow you to focus on patient care while remaining high-functioning and at full potential.


Leading Implant Centers

It is the aim of Leading Implant Centers to unite the best implantologists world-wide on one internet platform and to make sure that they are recognized as outstanding and are found by patients.
Each member of Leading Implant Centers benefits from its membership with extensive marketing services that sets it apart within the web clutter from the masses and makes you identifiable as trustworthy and highly recognizable. Exclusivity – Only for selected and qualified dental implantologists


eLaunchers is a locally grown and internationally known direct response marketing agency. At a very young age, Parthiv stated a lifelong dream to build something that will be used by the industry as a ‘benchmark’ in his chosen field. We believe Parthiv has accomplished this mission by building the Fail Safe Follow Up Machine called the Ultimate Growth Engine.

The Ultimate Growth Engine helps busy small business owners and professional practice owners, like you, capture leads and stay in touch with patients/clients who express an interest in doing business with you, but do not buy right away. eLaunchers serves dentists, orthodontists, physicians, other kinds of clinicians, attorneys, financial advisors and information-marketing professionals. Info-marketing and Info-First Marketing are ideal companies to work with eLaunchers.com.

Edra Publishing

Edra Publishing is the American branch of EDRA – LSWR, an international publisher, marketing, and communication group focused on evolving the professional knowledge in both medical and legal communities, dreaming of new solutions for the future of healthcare. Edra is about a new idea to deliver value in healthcare. It specializes in Dentistry, Veterinary, and Human Medicine. With over 550 skilled professionals, it operates via its offices in eight countries and markets its products and solution in 65 nations around the world.