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Parthiv Shah

Parthiv Shah

Lecture Topic:
Ceramic Implant Marketing System

Abstract :

Patients say NO all the time. When an implant patient says NO, $6000 walks away from you. When 171 patients say NO to you, about a million dollars walk away from you. Patients say NO by not booking an appointment, not showing up for appointment, saying NO to the Tx plan or just not communicating w. In marketing we call this data ‘UNCONVERTED LEADS AND LOST OPPORTUNITIES’. This data and money loss is unhealthy for your dental practice. In this session you will learn how you can use modern day technologies of marketing automation to effortlessly stay in touch with these patients. Like turning on a light switch, you can turn on a marketing system, forget about it and it does it’s thing in the background so you can enjoy all the YES that will occur. You will receive a digital copy of an implant marketing system, a 400+ page collection of Implant marketing assets used by successful practices worldwide

About Parthiv Shah :

Parthiv Shah is the Founder and President of eLaunchers.com. Over 300 dentists, physicians and other clients from 27 states in USA and over 8 other countries have benefited from working with Parthiv and eLaunchers.com. He is the author of his International Best-Selling book, “Business Kamasutra”, and is a contributor or co-author to six additional books. His upcoming book ‘Copy That Sells’ is co-authored with marketing legend Dan Kennedy. He is routinely invited to speak as a technology expert at direct marketing conferences and small group mastermind sessions. Parthiv received his MBA in 1994. He has worked on over 10000 direct mail marketing projects and mailed over a billion pieces of direct mail. He is a veteran of the Indian Air Force, member of the Lions Club, a Leadership Montgomery Core Program graduate (class of 2016) and the proud dad of an Eagle Scout. eLaunchers was named Small Business of The Year in 2016 and inducted into the GKIC Direct Response Hall of Fame in 2017. They are a GKIC Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor (2010), Infusionsoft Certified Partner (2011), Digital Marketer Certified Partner (2014), Click Funnels Certified Partner (2015) and Hubspot Certified Partner (2017). In addition, Parthiv is trained on Salesforce.com, ZOHO, Microsoft Dynamics and six other cloud based and desktop CRM systems.