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The International Academy Of Ceramic Implantology is the first professional organization worldwide established around the concept that ceramic dental implants are a viable, safe and predictable option of teeth replacement. The IAOCI seek to achieve its goals with state of the art education, research and scientific evidence. It regards itself as a comprehensive resource for dental health professionals within which the latest research, innovations, news, and articles on the topics of ceramic implants and dental bioceramics is studied and disseminated. Our educational activities and collaborations serve our mission to educate, support and broaden the reach of metal free implantology.

Membership Benifits

Our members enjoy access to community forums of your peers, research documentation and many other academic benefits.

Exclusive Access on IAOCI.com

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Quick Look at benefits

  • Access to the latest news on the product development front
  • IAOCI Marketing tools such as logos and usable text to use on your website
  • Research articles and white papers

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